Hi, D'Best student this morning i wanna share a traditional recipe named "tapai bareh" or what we called Fermental Rice

Here it is 


-1 kg black glutinous rice 
-200cc boiling water 
-1 yeast chips 
-fresh banana leaves

  1. Soak the glutinous rice for about 6-8 hours, Then steam until half done or for 15 minutes. Remove to a concave container, add boiling water, stir well. Allow 45 minutes for all the water to be absorbed.
  2. Steam again for another 45 minutes until well done. Remove and place on a flat surface or winnowing tray that has been lined with banana leaf. Flatted and chill.
  3. Pound the yeast. Sprinkle the yeast chips over the surface of the glutinous rice, stir well. Line the inside of a pan with banana leaf, and transfer the glutinous rice with yeast into the container. cover the rice with banana leaves, then close the lid tightly. Set aside it for 2-3 days until liquid forms and you call smell the odor of fermented glutinous rice. Store in airtight jar. Serve with glutinous rice cakes.
thats all my post for today
hopefully it can gives contribution for your menu especially for special occation

sanok tu me lah lo dih
bilo bilo wak sambuang lo liak jo makanan tradisional lain e
takah macam-macam lapek, lamang kujuik, godok tinta, kue mangkuak, bika, pinukuik, onde- onde
jo kawan kawan e

wassalam \(^_^)/

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